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Date Published
Community Texts
by Source_DLI_India
eye 2,533
favorite 2
comment 0
Works of Kapali Sastry in Sanskrit, English, and Telugu
Topic: Kapali Sastry
Community Texts
eye 267
favorite 4
comment 0
Indological Books at Srinagar Ashram ( संस्कृत )
Topics: Indology, Sanskrit, संस्कृत
Community Texts
by Raguveeradayal
eye 125
favorite 1
comment 0
Chetlur swamy's vyakhyanam for Swami Desikan's "Rahasya Rathnavali Hrudayam"
Topics: rahasya, rathnavali, chetlur, desikan
Community Texts
eye 93
favorite 2
comment 0
Sanskrit Books from Various Sources, "Buddhism"
Topic: Sanskrit
Community Texts
by Paruthiyur Krishna Sastri
eye 363
favorite 2
comment 0
An exhaustive exposition of a shloka of bAlakANDaH of vAlmiikiirAmAyaNam.
Topics: rAmAyaNam, rAma, vishvAmitra, vasiShTha
Community Texts
by Yādavaśarmā T. Ācārya (ed.)
eye 1,336
favorite 3
comment 0
Yādavaśarmā T. Ācārya, and Rāmacandraśāstrī Paṇaśīkara (editors). Śrīnityanāthasiddhaviracitaḥ Rasaratnākarāntargataścaturthaḥ Rasāyanakhaṇḍaḥ = Rasâyanakhanda, Fourth Part of Rasaratnākara of Śrī Nitya Nātha Siddha edited by Vaidya Jâdavjî Tricumjî Âchârya.  Banārasa: Caukhambā Saṃskr̥ta Pustakālaya, 1939.  Worldcat: This edition is based on two manuscripts owned by friends of the editor,...
Topics: India, Rejuvenation, Alchemy, Sanskrit literature, Ayurveda, Yoga, Rasayana
Community Texts
eye 82
favorite 1
comment 0
Sanskrit Books from Various Sources, 'Rediscovering God with the Transcendental Argument - David Peter Lawrence.pdf'
Topics: Sanskrit, "Javanese-Graviton"
Community Texts
eye 106
favorite 1
comment 0
Old Indological Books ( संस्कृत )
Topics: Sanskrit-Related-Books, संस्कृत-ग्रंथ
Community Texts
by Sri Kalidasa
eye 3,151
favorite 2
comment 0
Title: Rtu-samhara (with the 'Chandrika' commentary) and Srngara-tilakam (3rd Edition) Author: Sri Kalidas Commentator: Sri Manirama Language: Sanskrit Edited by: Wasudev Laxman Sastri Panasikar Published by: Tukaram Javaji at the Nirnay Sagar Press, Bombay. Printed by: B.R. Ghanekar at the Nirnay Sagar Press, Bombay. Year of Printing: 1910 A.D. PDF Creation, Bookmarking and Uploading by: Hari Parshad Das (HPD) on 28 May 2014.
Topics: sri, shri, sree, shree, rtu, ritu, rutu, ṛtu, samhar, samhaar, samhara, samhaara, saṁhāra,...
Community Texts
eye 337
favorite 1
comment 0
अमिताभ राठौड़ की चुनिन्दा किताबें, 'Ritual and Speculation in Early Tantrism - Studies in Honor of Andre Padoux - Teun Goudriaan.pdf'
Topics: Sanskrit, "Benares"
Community Texts
eye 178
favorite 1
comment 0
Indological Books , 'Rudi Spiritual Cannibalism - Swami Rudrananda'
Topics: Sanskrit, Dattatreya Books, "Rishikesh"
Community Texts
by Brahmanand Tripathi
eye 4,274
favorite 5
comment 1
A collection of the forms of Sanskrit words and roots.
favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 1 reviews )
Topics: Sanskrit, dhatu, nama.